Batley Multi Academy Trust – Batley Grammar School Independent Investigation Press Statement 26.05.2021

A spokesperson for the Trust said:

“We accept the recommendations of the independent expert investigation and will put them into practice immediately. The investigation recommends that the issues raised can be effectively dealt with through additional management guidance and training. The findings are clear, that the teaching staff involved did not use the resource with the intention of causing offence, and that the topics covered by the lesson could have been effectively addressed in other ways. In the light of those conclusions, the suspensions put in place while the investigation was underway will now be lifted.

The Trust deeply regrets the distress caused by the use of this resource, and we would like to thank all of the Trust’s stakeholders for their contributions and support during what has been a difficult period.

All those in our Trust’s family – whether parents, staff or members of our wider school community – want us to continue to provide a high-quality education so that our students aspire to excellence and achieve their full potential, both in their academic studies and personal development.”

Please see here for the Executive Summary.

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