Batley Multi Academy Trust is governed by the Board of Trustees, which is accountable to the Department for Education. Trustees have strategic oversight and ultimate responsibility for all management decisions within the Multi Academy Trust academies, setting visions and policies for the Trust, governance and contractual relationships with third parties. They are responsible for the management and administration of the Multi Academy Trust. The board has three core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Headteacher or Co-Headteachers to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Board of Trustees can comprise Member appointed Trustees and Co-opted Trustees.

Trustees establish the Local Governing Bodies in order to assist with the discharge of their governance functions.

To view each school’s LGB structure, and admissions information, please visit each school’s website.

Maurice Cook
Ahmad Lunat OBE
Ann McCall
Professor Damien Page
Brigid Tullie

Members are custodians of the Trust. They have a hands-off role in terms of managing the Trust and act as a ‘check and balance’ on the performance of the Multi Academy Trust.

*the date of appointment is listed from the start of their current term. Prior terms of office have not been listed.

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Mr Siraj Mayet – Chair
Mrs Ellen Loughhead JP – Vice Chair
Ms Nailah Ahmed
Ms Trude Feiweles
Mrs Mandy Kennedy
Mr Jeremy Townend

*the date of appointment is listed from the start of their current term. Prior terms of office have not been listed.

Finance and Resources:

Mrs Mandy Kennedy (Chair)
Ms Nailah Ahmed
Mrs Ellen Loughhead
Mr Jeremy Townend
In Attendance: Ms Julie Haigh, Ms Samantha Vickers, Mr Alan Brown



Ms Trude Feiweles (Chair)
Mr Siraj Mayet
Ms Hilary Towers-Islam
Mr Jeremy Townend
Ms Luisa Lang
In Attendance: Ms Julie Haigh, Ms Samantha Vickers

In Attendance

Ms Julie Haigh – CEO
Ms Samantha Vickers – Vice CEO

Accounting Officer

Ms Julie Haigh

Company Secretary

Mr Alan Brown


Laura Bland

Disqualification and Conflicts of Interest

The holding of the office of a Trustee or as a member of the Local Governing Body is subject to Articles 68 – 80 of the Articles of Association. Articles 97 and 98 refer to Conflicts of Interest.